About The CCN

The CCN is a unique concept for medical dispensary retail business. We provide an online platform where you can sell all types of products like water pipes, acrylic pipes, wooden pipes, dabbling kits, pens, vaporizers, glass hand pipes, incense, grinders, dabbing accessories, edibles, creams, oils and much more.

At The CCN, users can buy your products similar to major platforms like Ebay, Amazon or 5Miles but only it’s specialized in medical dispensary business. Even though The CCN works in a very similar way as such popular platforms, we also offer a monthly flat rate.

We aim to provide the ultimate network for producers and retail as well as their clients. We mainly serve cities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Place your products online and start selling today! if you have any questions or any feedback for us, please contact us. The CCN staff will be more than happy to assist you shortly.